Announcing Babala 0.4.0 freeware game


Ben Bean

August 23, 2006 -- Game developer Pavel Richter of Liberec, Czech Republic,
has today released the next beta version of his fabulously novel and
challenging game, Babala. With 200 lovingly-crafted mind-boggling levels,
and a credible scoring system, *now* with Web high score posting securely
implemented, you owe it to yourself to visit - try your hand
at this cunningly devised sport. There are versions for Linux and Windows.
It's a tiny download, is Babala. No sounds in the game as yet, but they are
to be added in later version 1.0. The graphics are okay, not exotic, but
it's the gameplay itself that makes Babala so very keen. It's not boring,
because there are legions of enemies in most of the campaigns, and their
moves seem a real circus at times. The play is strictly at your own pace, no
timers going. So try it, there's only your sanity at peril, heh-he.


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