[ANN] New release of Windows Installer (MSI) creation tool - Advanced Installer 3.5


Advanced Installer

Caphyon LLC is pleased to announce the release of Advanced Installer
Professional 3.5, a Windows Installer authoring tool which enables
developers and system administrators to easily build reliable MSI
packages. Advanced Installer runs on Windows 2000/XP, and the install
packages it creates run on all Microsoft Windows 9x/ME/NT/2k/XP
operating systems.

Windows Installer is a powerful, but very complex technology. Mastering
it on your own takes months of hard work. That's where Advanced
Installer comes to help. It creates a high level abstraction on top of
the underlying technology. With a clean, simple user interface, each
operation is logical and intuitive. Everything is done in the user
interface, without complicated scripts to learn or arcane database
tables to edit.

Advanced Installer is built on standard, open formats. The project
files are saved as XML files for easy integration with source control
systems. Advanced Installer is FREE for the simplest, most common
usages. If additional capabilities are needed, they are available at
some of the lowest prices in the industry.

What's new in Advanced Installer 3.5

This new version adds IIS support - the ability to configure and deploy
web sites, web applications, virtual directories, ISAPI filters, etc.
Also new are the isolated components support, qualified/published
components support, extracting registration registry entries from
self-reg DLLs, russian localization and more.

- IIS support: configuration and deployment of web sites, web
applications, virtual directories, ISAPI filters, etc.
- Isolated components support
- Qualified/Published components support
- Extracting registration registry entries from self-reg DLLs
- Russian localization
- Ability to localize the Updater

The application can be downloaded from:

More details about the application can be found at:


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