ANN: Batch Scripting Toolkit 2.0


Bill Stewart

Batch Scripting Toolkit 2.0

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What Is It?

The Batch Scripting Toolkit is a set of freeware utilities that enhance
traditional cmd.exe shell scripting. Two of the programs in the set are
also useful in The utilities are as follows:

CCASE: Convert standard input to upper- or lowercase

COLORX: Echo the current screen colors and set screen colors

DATEX: Echo the current date, a specified date, or an offset in a
variety of formats

DRIVEX: Returns the drive type for the current or a specified drive as
an exit code, or echoes drives of a specified type

ECHOX: Echo text in color, without a trailing newline; supports several
escape characters and formatting width and alignment

FINFO: Echo information about or more files to standard output

IFX: Case-insensitive string or numeric comparison of two arguments (not
needed in cmd.exe)

LINEX: Counts the number of lines in standard input; prints a specified
line, a range of lines, or lines from the beginning or end of standard
input; can also echo standard input in reverse order

S2V: Real-mode MS-DOS executable that reads the first line of standard
input (up to 255 characters) and saves it in an environment variable
(does not work, and is not needed, in cmd.exe)

SHELLESC: Inserts a shell escape character (^) before each reserved
shell character in standard input

SLEEPX: Pauses for a specified period of time; can display a prompt and
can also be interrupted by a keystroke

TEE: Echoes each line of standard input to standard output and a file

TEMPNAME: Generates a temporary unique file or directory name

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