Analog tuner stops working after vista sp1 installation



My MSI TV Anywhere A/D 1.1 analog tuner stops working after vista SP1
installation. Digital tuner works fine.
I've latest drivers and bios, I've also format my HD and started a clean
installation, same problem. No problem without vista SP1.

Any suggestion?

My computer: Intel D945 (3.4 GHz x2), Asus P5KPL, 2 GB DDR2 kingstone,
GeForce 8600GT 512MB, TV Anywhere A/D 1.1, Vista Home Premium 32bit OEM

Thenks and best regards.


Thanks but I've already tryed this tip. The driver is found, no exclamation
point, I've Uninstalled and then reinstalled the device drivers. The problem



Hi Roberto,

This is reminiscent of the situation that ocurred when SP2 was released for
XP. Some devices and programs stopped working, and these typically required
updates from the manufacturer that were compliant with the newer version of
the OS. You need to keep checking the manufacturer's website for any patches
that may be available for your device. Please note that there is inevitably a
delay between the release of a service pack and that of a patch to enable a
device or program to work with that service pack. In some cases, no patches
will be upcoming and the only solution is to obtain a new device or program
that is compliant.


I agree.

There is no driver update planned at this moment on MSI, TV Anywhere A/D 1.1
has a logo "Certified For Windows Vista"... Vista service Pack beta realases,
realase candidates are distributed for testing (and solve) any problem:

MSI is not serious if not issuing a driver "SP1 capable" very soon...



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