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I've used Crystal Reports for years and whilst it's been a love-hate
relationship, it does it job. But I think it's become rather bloated over
time and I have one big issue with it - the installation on a web server
requires installation of a huge MSI which puts stuff all over the web
server, not just in the web folder.

This is fine (well fine-ish) if you host your own server but I'm developing
an application at the moment which we'd like to move to a hosted ISP.

Am I going to have trouble with using Crystal Reports XI in this

Are there alternative, lighter ASP.NET friendly reporting tools?

Thanks, Rob.

Braulio Diez

I would evaluate the pros and cons of migrating to SSRS (SQL Server Reporting

The good stuff is that you have your reporting capabilities in a different
server and you can integrate it in your web app in a lot of ways, no need for
strange activex controls or whatever, just query string, post, or even

Bad news are... you are moving to a hosting company... How can you ask them
to install SSRS? :) well some hosting companies (e.g. Discount ASP .net)
offers you SSRS hosting so you would have that issue solved.

And...this is just for excel export, I had made a comparison between
available technologies, hope it helps:

Good luck

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/// Braulio Diez
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