Altering Subdocuments and Master Documents



OK, silly question, and this may seem totally obvious to some people, but I
am encountering Master and subdocuments for the first time. My current
understanding is that the subdocuments are inserted into the Master document
as links to the original files. So therefore, if I make any alterations to
the subdocuments in the Master Document, are those changes reflected in the
original file? I'm thinking alterations such as formatting, adding or
removing text etc. Likewise, if I open the subdocument file on it's own and
make changes there, will those changes be reflected in any Master Documents
that the file has been inserted into?

Thanking anyone in advance who cares to respond to this,


Anne Troy

First, avoid master/subs if at all possible.
Secondly, NEVER edit a sub from the master; always edit them directly in the
subdocument or you will surely have a corrupt document in no time. If you
edit from the sub, your master will be fine.
~Anne Troy

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