Alt+Enter works in the formula bar, but not in the cell




I have read through questions on fitting a lot of text into a cell, and the
answer that would seem to work would be to click on the cell with the text,
put cursor up into the formula bar where the cell's text is displayed, then
press Alt-Enter every 50 characters or so. The text in the cells are all
about 400 characters.

When I use the Alt+Enter, all that happens is that the lines break
appropriately in the formula bar, but the cell still displays only ####.

The Alt key works for all the menus (Edit, Insert, etc.).
The font size is 9pt.
Is there something I'm missing?

Any help would be TREMENDOUSLY appreciated.

Many many, many many, and many more, thanks,




Jim Rech

Make sure the cell does not have the Text number format. Switch to General.
(Format, Cells, Number, General).


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