Also cannot set browser homepage



I set my homepage to "" (or anything else) and the
system continues to use "about blank" as the home page.

Even using the "default settings" fail to work. Other
than in "internet tools" where to I go to set the homepage


Go here and follow the instructions:
Download all recommended programs in No.1,
Follow the instruction in No. 2 & 3 for using the programs. And there are
help & FAQ at the download sites of the programs.

It is a good idea to run these programs in safe mode. Instructions for Safe
Mode here:
Also turn OFF System Restore:
Right click My Computer > go to properties > on the System Restore Tab >
check Turn Off System Restore on all Drives, Reboot. You can enable System
Restore once you have clean up all the Sypware.

Follow through with preventative measures
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