Allow log on through Terminal Services



I'm trying to set up a GPO that is applied to an OU that will allow
anyone who is a member of the Administrators group to log in
remotely. If I add the Administrators group to the "Local Policies/
User Rights Assignment/Allow log on through Terminal Services"
setting, then it seems to me that all members of the local
Administrators group for that machine should allow remote desktop. As
far as I know, this SHOULD include the Domain Admins and Enterprise
Admins by default. However, this isn't the case. I've created a test
Enterprise Admin account to test that theory and was unsuccessful. It
does work if I add the Enterprise Admins group explicity in the GPO
however. What am I misunderstanding?




Are admins not by default not added to the "Apply Group Policy" security
setting in the OU tab?
Try adding administrator under the security setting and then select the
"Apply Group Policy" tick box.

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