All-Record criteria in a query...hmmm


Steve P

I'm using a "settings" table to capture text strings to use as criteria for
queries. So, after selecting an option in a combobox, i have a script that
will update the value in my settings table. That same field is linked to a
query I've built and serves as a "dynamic" criteria for the query. If a
"one" is selected, a "1" is written on the table, from which the query uses
the "1" as criteria for in a field.

My question is, what should the table setting be to select all records (ie:
no criteria)? I've been trying "Like '*'" and deviations of it to no avail.

Please help.


Like "*" works for me, so perhaps the issue lies elsewhere.

when you use Like "*", is it excluding just certain records or what?

one thing i use in a similar situation is the Nz function. i have
user enter a value for criteria, but if he enters nothing (i.e. null)
then the Nz function works like this in my query criteria:

Like Nz(Forms!frmSetup.combo1, "*")


'Like' stored in a field is a text string instead of a function.
Just store "*" without the quotes.

Use this as criteria -- Like [YourTable].[YourField]

Steve P

I tried both methods and its still not working.

If I hardcode: Like "*" into the query criteria through the query
builder, it works no problem. However, I have the query's criteria field
linked to the field (text) on a different table in the database...I can't
seem to get the syntax right for the field value so that it will properly
drive the query.

same thing with your solution... :-(

You guys got any other ideas?? Thnx for the attempt...I feel like I'm
almost to the solution.

Steve P

I missed that last part of your reply...the Nz trick worked perfectly!

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