"All Programs" from the Start Menu won't launch/open



I'm at a loss now for more than a week. I am unable to access or open "All
Programs" from the Start Menu. When I left click on it nothing happens. If
I want to launch any program I have to do it through Explorer.

I believe I might have created this by accidently dragging and dropping my
Programs folder within the Start Menu folder into another folder in
Explorer. I later realized the Start Menu folder was empty, found the folder
above it containing my Programs folder, and I placed it back within the Start
Menu folder. This however has not fixed my problem. I have rebooted, run
Registry Mechanic several times, and a variety of other things. I have also
reinstalled (updated) Windows XP with the original disk thinking it might fix
the problem. It does not.

Could anyone please shine some light on my problem? It would be greatly
Thank you.




I would have suggested system restore but I don't think that will work now
as you have re-installed windows. You could try creating a new user name and
logon as that user, if the start menu is ok on the new user then I would
back-up all your "my document", favourites and emails and logon as
administrator then delete your login, reboot. Log back in as administrator
and create your user again and copy files back into the fresh user.

Hope that gives you an idea, and it works (I hope)

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