All printers went offline and missing printing port types



I was having some strat up issues with XP and dumprep.exe. SO I diable the
error reporting and everything started working fine, except for the printers.
Now all my printersare offline and I cannot turn them back on.

I started looking at each printer and notice that I had only two port types,
when befroe I had many. When I select add a port I only have Adobe PDF
option. I don't have usb, TCP/IP, etc. When I try to add a new type it ask
for the INF file, so I browe to the INF folder in the Windows folder and and
I my types. But when I select them, it does nothing what happen and how can
I fix it. I have tried reinstalling only one of the printers and that didn't


Yes the printer spooler is running. What I have noticed is that in the
registry, under the montiers section only one port type is showing up. How
do I get them back, I have ran sfc /scannow.

Alan Morris [MSFT]

Did you recently run cleanspl.exe and select to remove the other port types?

If not was there some other installer you recently ran that did something
with the spooler or print drivers? Who installed the PDF port type?

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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