All of a sudden Microsoft outlook 2007 lost its profile

May 13, 2005
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Dear Experts

Today I was fixing networking issue for one of my client (router and a parallel HP printer).

He is using a desktop with windows XP professional SP3

During my work on his computer I used two softwares which are CClenaer (tune up his computer browser ) and Kyocera Printer Driver Deleter to remove the driver for the HP printer (it was not working properly)

When I finished my work Before I left his office he was able to download a file from his outlook (used as mail client for his ISP) 2007 (means it was working), to test the printer if it prints or not.

I chose an option : “Install windows updates and shutdown” and I left his office then I received a call from him telling me that his outlook is not finding a file :
C:\Documents and Settings\omrion\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\tets.pst

When I drove back to his office and checked the file “test.pst” I could not find such a file in the location above(i.e C:\Documents and Settings\omrion\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook) !!!!!!

For sure I had not touched his outlook when I was working the first time.

I felt embarrassed he might have thought that I had damage his outlook.

I checked the Control Panel --> Mail --> Data Files I found those 3 profiles :
Name                Path
-------                ---------
Omrion’s email          Outlook.pst in C:\emailfile
Personal Folders        Outlook.pst in C:\omrion\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft
I forget name             test.pst in C:\Documents and Settings\omrion\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
I am not sure what he had all those three files!!!

The size of the first two profiles (Outlook.pst) are almost 2 GB

The size of test.pst 1 KB hence I deleted it

What should I do to fix this issue ?

He told me that such a problem (he could not recall the exact issue) happened before and someone came to fix that issue for him

I tried to use either one of : Outlook.pst in C:\emailfile or Outlook.pst in C:\omrion\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft

All I can see the old emails till 2009 but not afterwards !!!!!

Can ccleaner or Kyocera Printer Driver Deleter cause this problem ?

How can I fix the problem ? It is an urgent issue please


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