All-in-Wonder Card AGP


B&B Musmon

There is a big long story but I will give you the reader's digest
version. Because I have two PCI slots, I just bought a USB video
input card, that I couldn't hate more. It works but horrible on the
1.1 port and doesn't work at all on the 2.0 port even though its claim
to fame is that it is a 2.0 device.

Having said that, when I went around and around about this the first
time, I didn't realize there were AGP cards that had what I needed
plus I am now using the crappy on board video, so it seems to be a
winner. I have my eye on a 9000 pro on ebay that I think I can get
for a fair price, it is used but it is all there. Now this is where I
am driving my self a bit nutty. I have been reading all I can, and
wow, you either love this card or hate it, and there really seems to
be no in between. And that seems to go right across this whole line
of wonder products no matter which one you look at.

That as a little background, I wouldn't mind having a nice video card
but the real outcome I am looking for is, I have a job that requires
me to transfer 30 VHS tapes to DVD. I took this a little lightly, and
thought it would be a piece of cake, it hasn't been. ATI when the
hardware works seems to have the best and easiest to use software for
what I need to do, although most people talk about VCD rather than
DVD, but I am hoping the same rules apply.

Looking for any suggestions that will get me out of this without
wasting any more money (I don't mind spending what I need to but have
already wasted money on this USB piece of crap) and getting really
good results. Although I must say that I am a little excited on the
personal side with the prospect of being able to save some of my
favorite shows and specials on DVD of high quality.

Thanks for you help.





Get a stand-alone video capture card is probably better than using a video
card with Video-in capabilities. Least that's what I intend to do for my
next pc rather than continue with an ATI VIVO card (what I have now) as what
I have now seems to always have some problem when doing a driver update..

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