Aligning login logout times horizontally



I have a list of employee login/logout times that currently are in tw
columns. The employee has a shiftstart, firstbreaklogout
firstbreaklogin,lunchbreaklogout, lunchbreaklogin, secondbreaklogout
secondbreaklogin, and shiftend time. I need to be able to alig
horizontally into 8 columns the employees login/out times by date.
06/02/04 8:15AM 9:47AM
06/02/04 10:00AM 12:01PM
06/02/04 12:45PM 2:35PM
06/02/04 2:45PM 4:45PM
06/03/04 8:15AM 9:45AM
06/03/04 10:01AM 12:00PM
06/03/04 12:46PM 2:30PM
06/03/04 2:45PM 4:45PM
06/04/04 8:16AM 9:59AM
06/04/04 10:15AM 12:02PM
06/04/04 12:45PM 2:34PM
06/04/04 2:45PM 4:46P



Bob Phillips

Take a look at Data>Text To Columns



Bob Phillips
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