AIW 9000 and XP64



Is it possiblem to use TV tuner on ATI AIW 9000 under Windows XP 64bit?
I see no drivers on ATI page for Theater 200.
The same question for Vista 32/64bit. Maybe they have some generic drivers?

R. C. White

Hi, Marx.

When I got my 64-bit motherboard in 2004, ATI said they would have 64-bit
drivers "soon", but only for the 9500 and above. So I retired my perfectly
good AIW 9000 and bought an AIW RADEON 9600. The 64-bit drivers finally
arrived well over a year later. And the AIW 9600 is working fine using the
drivers built into Vista RTM, both the 32-bit and x64-bit versions.

The bad news is that ATI still has not produced a good 64-bit MMC. So I've
not been able to watch TV on my computer in anything later than 32-bit
WinXP. In 64-bit WinXP Pro and in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of all
the Vista, the MMC installs, but every time I click on the TV button, it
reports that it can't initialize the TV. Vista's built-in Media Center says
I don't have a TV tuner installed.

So, I suspect that you will never be able to watch TV on your computer with
the AIW 9000 and any 64-bit or any Vista version of Windows. :>(


R. C. White

Hi, Marx.
Do you have tv tuner as uknown device in device manager?

I don't know. I have two Unknown Devices. Their Hardware IDs are:



Are either of these a TV tuner?

R. C. White, CPA
San Marcos, TX
(e-mail address removed)
Microsoft Windows MVP
(Currently running Vista x64)

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