ageia PhysX ?



Does anyone know anything about this. It was installed into a Packard Bell
iXtreme 6052 / XP Home ed. i.e. there was an icon for it in control Panel.
Glancing through :- seems to be a software accelerator / part of a game called Unreal
Tournement 3, which appears to make use of some hardware ...if installed ?
Well UT3 was in there, I uninstalled it. PCI slots are all empty / the
machine is using onboard SiS 650 graphics chip.
I'm guessing it invited itself into this machine when UT3 was installed ?
Was there any benefit to having it in there, even though the "partner" PhysX
chip was never in there ?

....have just uninstalled it, ...I wonder what junk that left behind ?
any info. appreciated.

regards, Richard


Some software require the drivers without the actual chip being installed, I
have one that is like that


....after lots of tweaking, to retain a minimum 15 fps, so as to keep the
darned game - UT3/patched to 1.2, and to have at least the beginnings of a
semblance of "responsiveness," (on this old "was a Celeron 2.6 256mb ddr266
with shared graphics" ! ..."now a little better - P4 2.5ghz, 768mb ddr266
and agp nVidia 6200 ...and annoyingly slow 5,400 rpm Samsung "spin*something
or other hd that Packard Bell ought to be ashamed of themselves for ever
having sold - even at that time - iXtreme 6052 !!! now with the minimum spec. 350mhz gpu, and texture and rendering etc
up as high as it can go without degrading fps to less that 15 to 20 fps, the
game is sort of playable, and looks alittle better than DOS based DOOM from
many years ago !!!

I tried nTune, (not knowing much at all about overclocking), and increased
the gpu core speed a little, the "test" showed okay but, after a reboot I
got a scrambled picture - had to reboot in Safe mode, and unisntall nTune,
and reinstall nVidia drivers (latest Forceware that supports 6200's), ...AND
manually get rid of a couple of nTune entries left in registry "run"

....anyhow, ...if anyone could throw a few tips about gpu overclocking I
would be grateful. The defaults frequencies for this 6200 are gpu 350mhz
and memory 600mhz. Is there a realtionship between the two inasmuch as does
the memory mhz have to be increased in some sort of proportion to an
increase in gpu mhz ?

I've glanced through some sites to try and pick up some tips, ..already
spotted that the 6200's aren't really suited to overclocking. already fitted a copper Zalman VF-900 to it.

regards, Richard

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