After Update / Requery / Blank Fields



I have a form with 2 combo boxes and I want to filter the second one
based on the selection made in the first.

Table 1=Department - 2 Fields: Department ID and Department Name
Table 2=Specifications - 3 Fields: SpecificationID, Department and
Specification Name

On the form: Combo Box 1 = Department and Combo Box 2 = Specifications
My code on the Department field: AfterUpdate -
Me.Specifications.Requery and in the query for the Specifications
field I have a parameter on the Department field "forms![Modify WO]!
Department". That all works fine but after selecting a Department and
then the Specification and closing the form when I reopen it the
Department is there but the Specification field is blank. When I look
in the table the form is based on the Specification is there but it
does not show up in the field on the form. I am stumped!




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