After reinstalling Windows 2000 I have no sound



I have recentyl reinstalled Windows 2000 onto my computer- as a result i have
lost all of my hardware devices- i have managed to get my video card up and
running but cannot get my sound card working- and so as a result i have no
sound. The problem is that i don't know what my sound card is- otherwise i
could install the device via windows 2000 or over the net. Please can
someone tell me if there is a way that I can find my sound card? i am open
to any suggestions!

Additionally if i can locate my sound card which hardeware profile does it
come under i have many media devices listed (if i'm talking gibberish then
tell me and i'll try and explain).

Thanks in advance






Do the following:

1. Open Control Panel | System | Hardware ... Device Manager
2. Open Sounds..... section
3. See what is listed for a Sound card (it should stick out)
4. If nothing is listed, try using the Scan button up on top of the window
5. See if it finds the Sound Card
6. If you your sound card was listed, remove it, reboot and let Windows
detect new hardware.
7. If it cannot find a driver for the hardware, you will then need to open
the case and look on the card to see what it is.

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