advanced filtering in XLS



Hi all,

i'm stuck in creating a report/pivot table.
I do not know how to find info on the net since it is hard to explain
for a database-newbie. But i think it is not that difficult to create
it. But I do not know how to do it in xls and am unexperienced in
Here we go:

i want to have a report where I have all owners of CD1 CD2 and CD3,
their name and then all other CDs they own.

I have a list with all names mentioned multiple times in column A and
the CD title they own in column B.

the pivot tablle should look like :
column 1 : the filter on the eg 5 CD titles.
comlumn 2 : the name of the owner per CD title
column 3 : all CDs this person posesses (including the one mentioned in
column 1).

The tricky part is column 3 : filter the name of the owner on CD in
column1 but show all CDs of the owner which owns the CD in column 1.

Anyone can help?


Debra Dalgleish

If you put CD in the first position in the row area, you would only see
that CD if you were able to repeat the CD field in the third position.

You could create a second pivot table, based on the first one, and show
the names, with all their CDs, in that one.

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