Advanced Data Maintenance Dialog Question



Hi There!

As part of an Excel model, the user would like to maintain a list structured
with multiple Categories and within each category, there are multiple Items.
It will be displayed in multiple columns. A sample is shown below; I am using
the hyphen '-' to indicate the break between columns.

In General:
Category # - Category Description
Item # - Item Description

A - My First Category
A.1 - My First Category, First Item
A.2 - My First Category, Second Item
A.3 - My First Category, Third Item
B - My Second Category
B.1 - My Second Category, First item
B.2 - My Second Category, Second Item
B.3 - My Second Category, Third Item

The user would like to display the data formatted as shown above on one
sheet; but, they would like to consolidate all the Items (without the
Categories or numbers) into one list to populate a dropdown to be used in a
number of other worksheets in the workbook.

While this is clearly better suited to be handled by a database, they would
prefer to use an Excel workbook. So, my question is this ... Does anyone have
any suggestions as to a slick, convenient, logical way to present this data
in a dialog to allow them to maintain it? At this point, I'm planning on
creating text boxes for each data item (field) that are tied to multi-column
list boxes. The text boxes will allow the user to enter/edit individual field
values while the listboxes will show all the rows for a given entity
(Categories or Items).

If anyone has had to deal with data structured in this manner, I would be
thrilled to hear how you managed the maintenance of it.

Thanks in advance for any help, suggestions you may be able to provide!

Timothy White
Contract Programmer
Ontario, Canada

<my initials>hite<at>sympatico<dot><countryCode>




For presentation, a tree view would suitable. You could react to the
_AfterLabelEdit to update values.


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