AdvanceCD - bootable live linux distro with MAME emulator

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AdvanceCD is a bootable live CD, DVD and USB disk of a minimal Linux
distribution containing the AdvanceMAME emulator.

You can boot it in any PC and play the contained games without any
installation. The default distribution contains the arcade games
Gridlee, Poly Play and Robby Roto and it uses only 20 Mbyte leaving the
whole disk for your roms.

The scope of AdvanceCD is to transform any PC in a gaming console. You
can give it to all the not expert users, which are not able to download
and install emulators and roms.

If you are an addicted player, it's also nice to have a tascable mini-cd
or USB disk with your favorite games to play everywhere.

The main features are :

* High quality look and usability.
* Boot from CD, DVD, USB and Fixed disks.
* Contains AdvanceMAME, AdvanceMESS and the frontend AdvanceMENU.
* Uses only 20 Mbyte on the disk.
* Autodetects your video/audio/joystick/mouse/keyboard hardware
using the Linux drivers.


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