ADSL link loss on "wake". Vista Ultimate and Linksys Router


David Hearn


I have been using Vista Ultimate on a hi spec ASUS PC for 6 months.

ADSL connection is wired, through a Linksys WAG325N router.

I am using a fixed IP address internally, but other PC's (children - and all
XP) are DHCP.

I have become very frustrated with the ADSL link being lost, specifically
when my PC is turned on, or woken from sleep. Link loss doesn't always
happen, just sometimes. I can find no systematic reason for it to occur.

I have disables IPv6, as suggested in other threads here - with no effect.

Any other suggestions?


Jack \(MVP-Networking\).

Make sure that the Wireless card is Not set to save power. Saving Power
switches off the card and result in losing the connection.
Jack (MVP-Networking).


Thanks Jack.

I should clarify that this PC is wired though. Only wireless thing in my
home is a Wii

Also link loss occurs during the "bootup/wakeup" process. It does not occur
when it is shut down, or made to sleep!

What about uPnP (which is a complete mystery to me). Could the PC be in
some way "commanding" a router restart?


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