ADP form time out



Good afternoon,

I have just ported my MDB app to the SQL Server using the
ADP platform, but I have one outstanding issue:

When I execute one of my stored procs through an ADP form,
I get a timeout error in exactly 30 seconds.

I have changed the OLE/DDE timeout setting through
Tools>Options>Advanced to 0 (or unlimited) but this does
not seem to apply to forms.

When I run the Stored Proc either in QA or by double-
clicking from inside the ADP, it takes over 1 minute to
execute, but it does not time out because the timeout
setting is 0.

Can you suggest how I should change the timeout setting
for the form?




Does it have anything to do with your Max Records value?
How many records is your query returning? The default Max
Records value is 10000... So, if your query is returning
more than that, make your max records 0.

Rod Bautista

Adjust the timeout in Tools>Options>Advanced>OLE/DDE timeout (default is 30


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