ADP Connection error



I have an ADP that is returning the following error msg
for one user only: 'run-time error 430' "Class does not
support automation or does not support expected
interface. "
When I press debug, it takes me to the following line of
"set conn = currentproject.connection"

It looks like some sort of issue with
currentproject.connection, but I'm not sure what it could
be. Again, Only one user is having this problem. They
can open the forms without a problem, but none of the
combo boxes are populated.



Paul Newlin

Hi, I'm going to guess here - but I think the computer has the same problem
as mine...

I don't know which bit worked by I re-registered all the ADO and Access
DLLs. I also made sure I had the latest version of MDAC (2.8) installed

I had thought that since I was running XP with all the latest patches and
Office 2003 with all the patches I could not go wrong - duh

Anyway - after reregistering everything I can go back to writing VB code in
Access again.

Try it.


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