We have an application with Access 2003 for the front-end and SQL Server 2005
for the back-end. Is performance decreased when using
CurrentProject.Connection to connect to the database vs suppling the
connection string for the connection object? The application is not an ADP -
it is an mdb. The SQL Server tables are linked in the front-end mdb. When
we query the tables using the CurrentProject.Connection, are all the records
in the tables returned even if there is filtering done using the WHERE clause
since the tables are linked via ODBC? Thanks for your help.

Tom van Stiphout

On Thu, 15 Nov 2007 18:42:02 -0800, Weste

The connection string has something to do with performance, but
typically not very much.

On your second question I'm really in the dark as to what you're
talking about. With attached tables ALL queries are executed locally.
However, Access is smart enough when the opportunity arises to only
download entire indexes to the local machine rather than entire
SQL Passthrough Queries don't suffer from this performance


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