just installed vista home premium
it says im administrator but when i got to do anything it says im not
eg while trying to install from a disk i get this
'You are not currently logged into your computer as administrator. This
installer requires that the user be logged in as an administrator. Please log
out and log back in as administrator, and then restart the installer'
allso when i download something and try putting it on another drive it wont
let me as i have no administrator rights
this happened with only one account on computer ie: no other users

Matt I.

Many others have encountered this problem. The problem is that many XP
programs need administrator rights to run, and their programming does not
make Vista ask to verify as an administrator. In Vista, like linux,
administrator accounts are basic users until they are "admined up". To run a
program that does not properly prompt for administrative rights, right click
on it and select "Run as Administrator"


I know I had a problem running Firefox. I'm not sure if this will work for
you, but to Run Firefox I have to Right Click (mouse) and then select "Run as
Administrator". I think it has something to do with older programs not being
aware of Vista file structure.

Gary ( not an expert, just trying to help)
Salisbury, MD

Paul Montgomery

and if it doesnt give you the option to "run as administrator"?

FIRST... you didn't include any material from the post you are
replying to, so nobody except the few who actually use the web
interface that you are using will know what you are talking about.

Look around that forum. Notice all the posts from people listed as
"guest". Those people do NOT use that forum. Their posts have been
scrounged from Microsoft servers.

SECOND... look at the date of the post you replied to. Do you really
think that someone who posted in FEBRUARY OF LAST YEAR is actually
still following the thread to see if anyone has replied?

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