Administrator problem



My friend son created an account on her computer and made himsel
administrator. When she went to put herself as aministrator she can no
delete his account it tells her access denied.
she has xp pro. It won't even allow her access to some of the stuff o
her comp, such as ms messanger. If anyone can help it would b



Steven L Umbach

Did she confront her son? This is not a parenting forum but I think that
would be something for her to strongly consider. My son did that only once
and never again after I had a Jack Bauer moment with him. He most likely
knows how to fix it and is she does not lay the law down then she may as
well just buy herself another computer unless she is afraid he will take
over that one too. She needs to tell him to add her user account to the
local administrators group. If the computer is XP Home she might be able to
boot into Safe Mode and logon as the built in administrator account that may
have no password. --- Steve

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