Administrator Password



If I try to run the XP Recovery Console, I need the Admin Password. As with
so many who have had the OS pre-installed, I'm not going to know what that
password is, am I?

How can I determine the password (I didn't just forget it) so I can be a
TRUE administrator on my own computer.



Michael Solomon \(MS-MVP\)

Try leaving the password blank and press enter.

For the most part, you will likely not need or use the Recovery Console.
More often than not, if some problem occurs that prevents you from getting
to your desktop, you probably will do a repair install.

Of course, there are other times when you need that administrator password
assuming you are talking about the default administrator account, such as if
you need to enter safe mode or you are unable to access other user accounts.
Since your system came pre-installed, it is unlikely the manufacturer set a
password so the above procedure should work for that user account.

In memory of our dear friend, MVP Alex Nichol.

Michael Solomon MS-MVP
Windows Shell/User
Backup is a PC User's Best Friend

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