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Ok, here's the scenario... I was trying to go back and set my personal
account to Standard which I was successful at doing. Now the Administrator
Password is the one that I guess came with the computer. It's called ASN.. I
have know Idea what the password is for this account. How can I recover a
lost Administrator Password if there are no other administrators on the
computer except for the one that came with the computer... I hope I'm clear
in my question...

Ronnie Vernon MVP

The easiest way would be to contact the maker of the computer?

As a last resort, there is software available that you can purchase that
will solve the problem, easily.

The program that I recommend is the first one, it is very easy to create a
recovery disk that you can use on any Windows PC. These recovery programs
usually cost about 30-40 USD.

A@PC: Windows Password Recovery Software. Reset Administrator Password. XP
VISTA 2003 2000 NT.:

Windows Password Recovery Key - Resets the Administrator account password:

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