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I had a nephew in town that wanted to burn some CD's. During a burn he
locked up the computer - after several reboots I suggested we leave it alone
for the night.
In the AM the Administrator User Account was gone. He was signed in as
another user with Admin privileges. Could he have deleted the Admin account?
Is there anyway to restore Administrator?
Adminstrator was password protected.



Larry Samuels

XP Home?
The Administrator account is only accessible in Safe mode once another
account is created with admin privileges.
XP Pro?
Add Administrator to the logon screen(bad idea,but here's how)
1. Click Start>>Run
2. In the box, enter "regedit" (without the quotes). Click OK
3. In the Registry Editor, navigate down to
4. Right-click on the empty area in the right panel
5. Click New>>DWORD Value. In the box, type the word Administrator
6. Double-click Administrator
7. In the Edit DWORD Value Window, under Value Data:, change the
number 0 to 1
8. Click OK
9. Close the Registry Editor
10. Reboot

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