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I gave a password to the Administratorlog-on name, then began to create 2 new log-on accounts for my 2 children. I thought I was to label a second Administrator (as was prompted) on one of the kid's accounts. I now have lost my log-on account (the original Administrator on first installation). If I attempt to rename (or enter) the kid account "Administrator", it cues me to say that that name is taken. However, I do not know where or how to log on using that name. Over the last 3 days with this new system, I created files with family vacation photos; and now I can not locate them or open them.



Bruce Chambers

Greetings --

As you've learned, once any additional user accounts have been
created, the Administrator account will no longer be displayed on the
Welcome Screen. This is a default security feature. By design, the
only way to log into the Administrator account of WinXP Home is to
reboot into Safe Mode. For WinXP Pro, pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL twice at
the Welcome Screen will produce the standard login dialog box.

The built-in Administrator account really isn't intended to be
used for day-to-day normal use. The standard security practice is to
set a strong password on it and use it only to create another account
for regular use, reserving the Administrator account as a "back door"
in case something corrupts your regular account(s).

Bruce Chambers

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