Additional option for drop-down menu




I have a data entry form where there is a drop-down menu to select a
manager. This list is populated by an underlying query that has all of the
manager's names. I would like to have an additional option of "Unassigned"
that is listed at the top of the drop-down list of manager names. Is there a
way to do this?


Allen Browne

So you have a combo box where users can select a manager, and you are trying
to handled the 'unassigned' case (i.e. no manager is assigned.)

In database terms, unassigned would be stored as Null (i.e. the combo is
blank.) It is possible to design an interface such that you UNION the word
'unassigned' into the RowSource, and then weed it out again and store the
null. It may even be possible (overlaying one control over another) to make
the word 'unassigned' appear where the value is Null.

But the question is whether it's really worth doing that? Or is it easier to
teach people to leave the combo blank if it's not assigned to anyone? I
think that would be the better option.

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