Adding X-Protective-Marking




I am a newbie so please be gentle:)

Am using OL2003, VSTO 2005SE with VS2005 (VB.NET)

I have managed to create an addin using VSTO a toolbar with dropdown on a
new mail message that adds a security classification to the subject line
before the mail is sent. What I am also trying to do is add a custom header
(X-Protective-Marking:) to the mail message before it is sent. I can't
easily see how to do this.

Any help or pointers so other examples would be greatly appreciated.

Peter Lock
Palace Software

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

You can't use the Outlook object model to add an x-header, you would have to
use a lower level API such as CDO 1.21 (optional installation and not
supported in .NET code), Extended MAPI (C++ or Delphi only and not supported
in .NET code) or a COM wrapper around MAPI like Redemption

A CDO sample to create an x-header is shown in a custom form at


Hi Ken

Thank you for that. I thought I might have to dig out my old C++ books:)


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