Adding W2K Server to SBS2000 Domain


Robert W

IS THIS POSSIBLE??? I'm not able to add my new Windows
2000 Server to my Existing Small business Server 2000
Domain. I've been getting mixed replies from all over the
world about this issue. I can't believe that MS would
completely LOCK OUT other servers, knowing that MOST
businesses (Yes, even Small Businesses) use a backup

Here is what I did:
1. I added my new W2K Server to the SBS domain as a Member
Server. I can now see it in the DNS of the SBS Domain,
and DHCP has assigned it an IP Address.

2. After rebooting, I ran "dcpromo" from the command line
to start the AD wizard.

3. I selected the "Additional domain controller for an
existing domain" option, then stepped through the rest of
the Wizard. It was able to find the SBS Domain
controller, then after the rest of the setup, I get a
Critical Error Message (see below).

Small Business Server Limit
X The operation failed with the following error:
This product option is not available with the
Small Business Server Edition of Windows.

As far as I can tell, I have followed all necessary
procedures, but I'm hoping that one of you can find
something I missed.

Any help or questions are please don't be shy.

Thank you.

Justin Turner [MSFT]

Hello Robert,

Correct me if I'm wrong. It sounds like you are trying to dcpromo in
another SBS server. This will not work.
You will be able to dcpromo a standalone Windows 2000 server in as an
additional domain controller.
This server must be Windows 2000 only though. (SBS is not supported as an
additional domain controller)

Thank you,

Justin Turner

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