adding up event durations?



I use my outlook calander as a time sheet for projects I work on. I then take the duration of the events and add them up for billing my clients.

I'm curios if anyone knows how to automate adding up the duration of selected events in order to make this process a little less painful. I usually add up around 200-300 events every month.

To make things slightly simpler, I copy the event from outlook directly into excel. One of the columns is duration, which specified a number with a unit - either # minutes or # hours. Is there a routine, vba or other, than I could implement to add up that column and convert it to hours? I don't mind a little manualness to the convention, but looking for a way to skip manually entering the colum in purely numbers in order to compute the total duration.

Hope this makes sense. i can provide more information or files if that would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!!!



Ben -


One idea that comes up for me is to use search and replace to replace duration in minutes for all events. Then to add them all up in the end.

Or another idea would be to to copy all this excel data to text (e.g. csv), then use such tool as and remove lines containing hours. Then use simple formula to convert all remaining minutes to hours.

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