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I have a line chart with multiple series and I am looking to create another
line based on a third group of data that is based off the original datas
plots on the graph. Basically its like this. On the y-axis I have flow
and on the x-axis I have pressure. There are multiple series plotted. I
want to add another line to the chart based on efficiency that will always
run through a certain set of plots from the multiple series. Is this
possible? Did this even make any sense? Thank you for any help that you can





There are two possible intentions of yours that are difficult to reveal:

- To insert a new characteristic into the family of the existing ones, with
a new value of parameter (size, design parameter, power etc.) that determines
each of your series. This could(!) be resolved, indeed, by trendlining the
other series, at least in the decisive part of the characteristics, most
probably by a three-parameter regression. These three parameters should be
each further fitted by the next (linear, i.e. two-parameter) regressions on
the discussed parameter. Fortunately, at least one of these relationships
should be almost constant (similar shapes opf curves). By a simple
mathematical treatment you should obtain a general (six-parameter)equation
for a characteristic line where you will substitute independent variable and
a new parameter.

- To draw efficiency lines. If you should come out only from tabulated data
including efficiencies, you could be lucky enough to find out the proper
number of point co-ordinates valid for each selected value of efficiency. The
simple task would be only to gather them properly to a chart series range. If
the data would be too scarce, than you would have ahead a more complicated
work with interpolations.


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