Adding printers using printul.dll,PrintUIEntry & Printer Drivers



Hey All,

Currently, we are installing our printers on XP desktops using the
"rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry" command. This works ok, but we've
got a slight issue.

1. If the user is a local admin, then it works fine. The drivers are
added, and the printers are downloaded from the server.

2. If the user isn't a local admin, the printers appear but the drivers
are not installed. We can use the /ia option to load the drivers using
printui.dll and it works, but this is higher maintanence then we'd
like. In GPO, the user is allowed to install printer drivers and if
they search using AD for printers then it will install drivers off the
network for the user at that point. printui.dll requires admin rights
to run, and we do this by pushing it via SMS.

So my question is - is there anything we can tweak to allow
printui.dll,PrintUIEntry to download drivers from the print server
automatically without giving the user admin rights?



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