Adding Plugins to my application?


Jason Bodine

Hi all,

I know this has probably been asked before, but I'm curious as to how to add a plugin to an application I've been writing?

The app is an electronic diary program with multiple user profiles and the ability to set passwords for profiles. The plugin I am interested in adding to the application is one which monitors login attempts and, if the wrongpassword for a profile is entered three times, snaps a picture of the person attempting to access the account (if a webcam is present) and sends it as an attachment in an email, text message, and/or mms message to the owner of the profile to alert them that someone is trying to access their accountand show them who it is.

I know how to do most of this as a part of the main program. But I would like to have it be an optional plugin so that I could also use it to monitor other applications I create which use passwords.

I have never written a plugin before, so have no idea where to begin. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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