Adding new record to a form



I have a form with a command button to add a new record. The first field on
the form is a lookup field where I would like to select an item to fill in
the field, the rest of the fields require data entry. When clicking the add
record button a blank form opens but I cannot add any data to it. I can see
the option in the lookup field but cannot select one. On the other fields
that require data entry, I cannot enter anything. On the forms property I
have 'allow additions, yes'. How can I get this to work?

Daryl S

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What is the recordsource for your form? If it is a query, then is the
query updateable? You can check by opening the recordsource property in
query design mode and checking it in databasheet mode. If the last record
has the "*" record for input, then your recordsource is updateable. If not,
you cannot use that query as a recordsource to update the tables.

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