Adding many records at 1 time



I have a database with Tables
"Customers" & "CustomProducts".

"Customers" contain all Customer Info, i.e. CustomerID,
CustomerName, Address, Phone, Etc.

"CustomProducts" contains fields like:
CustomerID, ProductID, SellPrice, Active/Inactive, Active

The two tables are linked through a field
named "CustomerID".

I enter orders into Tables
called "Orders", "OrderDetails" for a Customer by
selecting that Customers Specific Products for
the "CustomProducts" Table.

I want to add 1 identical record within "CustomProducts"
for every "Customer", so I can sell the same product to
many customers.

I hope this is enough info. Any help would be
appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Jeff Boyce


If you are considering "adding 1 identical record" in another table, it's
probably time to step back from the computer and revisit your
normalization/design. One of the advantages of a relational database
(Access) is that you don't need to duplicate records.

Instead of "how" you're trying to do something, could you describe what
business need you are trying to satisfy?

Good luck

Jeff Boyce
<Access MVP>

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