Adding formulas across Worksheets



I have entered a formula for adding accross worksheets ie =sum('Jan:Dec'!B2)

I use this as I have a workbook that contains eorksheets for each month and
another sheet for the annual totals. I want to add the values in the monthly
sheets to get the annual totals.

It was working until I changed the names of the worksheets and added an
extra worksheet for Jan (previously had only Feb to Dec). I tryed to delete
the formulas and reenter to include Jan but now it comes up #REF!Error .
does anyone know how i can fix this.




Bernard Liengme

Double check that "Jan" is the actual name - no spaces either side.

What many users do is to have a blank sheet called Start before the first
working sheet; and a blank one called End after the last.
Now use =SUM('Start:End'!B3)
Now sheets may added or deleted between the two sentinels.
best wishes



Don Guillett

Assumes summary is sheet1 and sheet2:sheet13 are your months and they
already exist.
sub placeformula()
x = Sheet2.Name
y = Sheet13.Name

'or below if sheets not yet created

Range("g3").Formula = "=Sum(" & x & ":" & y & "!b2)"
end sub

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