Adding Domain Admins to local Administrators group


Rob Roberts

I have a new Windows XP Pro machine that I'm attaching to my existing
domain. The domain controller is a Windows 2003 server. I want to add the
domain's Domain Users group to the workstation's local Administrators group,
like I have done to all of my Win2K workstations. But I can't add Domain
Users (or any other domain user or group) to the local Administrators group
because the domain doesn't show up in the Select Locations dialog box when
trying to add to the group. Only the local machine shows up.

I've tried logging in to the workstation as local Administrator, and as a
domain Administrator, but still can't get it to work.

I've searched through newsgroup archives and have seen this question come up
several times, but with no solutions. Any ideas?

--Rob Roberts



David Jones [MSFT]

Hi Rob,

Make sure that all workstations point only to the internal DNS server
(usually your domain controller if you have only one) for DNS, and they are
not using any ISP DNS servers. You can then set up a DNS forwarder on the
domain controller to point to your ISP's DNS servers, check the help file
from the DNS Administrative tool on the server for more details.

David Jones [MSFT]


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