Adding Company logo



Sir / Madam
Im having query regarding the powepoint slides. Im suppose to create the
company presentation with the help of powerpoint.
I want to add company logo where client or other employees shouldnt edit /
alter / remove the company logo.
Secondly if I click new slide each time the compnay logo has to come

Kindly helpme out by inserting the company banner / logo ( without editing /
making changes) *Note: other things can be altered But NOT DISTURBING THE




Lucy Thomson

Hi ravi

You need to add the logo to the master slides - it will still be deletable
if someone knows what they are doing but not by accident. There is a great
training course on using masters here:

The basics are view -> master -> slide master then insert -> pic from
file -> add your logo but I think it would be worth spending 25 mins or so
doing the training as you'll learn lots more useful stuff which will save
you time (and frustration) in the long run.

Enjoy :)


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