adding cells in autofilter



I have a list of a few thousand rows. It is a list of vendors with credits
and debits. Is there a way to get a total of the credits and debits for each
individual vendor? I looked at autofilter but can't figure how to add each
column up. Also can the totals still work as rows keep being added to the
spreadsheet. For instance, I have a list of transactions for the month of
July and create the formulas. Then I add August's transactions to the list.
Will the total formula's include the added rows for august or do I need to
use a new range? Hope this was clear enough.



Don Guillett

It may help to look in the help index for SUBTOTAL and notice the special
codes for filtered data. Then use a range larger than necessary or the
necessary range and insert BEFORE the last row. ie you could have a dummy
row with a color or something as the last row.

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