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I want am looking for a hardware product for biometrics (finger scanner)
that functions just like a bar code scanner.

Basically keyboard wedge type of setup (or usb)
a) John scans his finger and '45<enter>' is outputted as a keyboard stream
to the system
b) Joan scans her finger and '23<enter>' is outputted as a keyboard stream
to the system

I would simply have the screen .setfocus on the search box I have in Access
and life would be good.

Unfortunately most products have a whole learning process for the
fingerprinting and are assuming Windows User logins not just simply reading
a finger and outputting text.

The second problem is that this finger scanning system would have to have a
quick way to enter 45 for John's finger (adding a new customer/member) to
the system.

Anyone have any luck with this system?

I have it working with barcode scanners but those are so passee and then
you have a problem when people forget their cards.


I see lots of google hits for:

"fingerprint scanner" vba

Have you checked those?

I can't see why it would be any different, in principle, to using a
barcode scanner.

Nov 23, 2014
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Hi; Yes, that is available. With the highest accuracy; NIST certified. Please see identityone dot net Software, MSO Keyboard wedge.
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