Adding attribute in AD with csvde or LDIFDE


Søren Skriver

Hi All,

I need a solution to add the following text "\\fileserver\profiles$\%
username%" in the terminal server attribute. This have to be done so it
will affect all users in the AD, instead of going trough 1000 user

I have consider something like this:

Export from AD to a .csv file with CSVDE the atributes "UserName=*" and
"TerminalServerProfile=' '"

and then import it again with atributes "UserName=*" and

Can I do that, and how ???

Have any one of you any good ideas ???

Thanks in advance

Søren Skriver

Joe Richards [MVP]

The TS attributes are not really available to modify through LDAP, the info is
in a binary string format and not a simple string. You will need to use the
various TS property COM components.

Joe Richards Microsoft MVP Windows Server Directory Services
Author of O'Reilly Active Directory Third Edition

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