adding an IDE hard drive?


Gavin Reed

I need to add another HDD to my existing Win2000 system.
I've hooked up the drive (correctly, I think), and
configured the slave/master thing properly (I think), but
I don't know how to get Windows to recognize the existence
of the drive so I can format it. This is probably so
simple, but there doesn't seem to be a Windows2000 command
equivalent to the old DOS/Windows "fdisk" command. What am
I missing?
Thanks in advance for any help ...




when your computer boots are all the drives recognised on
the boot summary (including your new drive)?

Windows 2000 just detects the drive and then you will
need to format it in MY COMPUTER or DISK MANAGEMENT.

i would say you'VE probably either not setup the drive
correctly or you may need to enter the BIOS of your
computer and detect or configure the drive. check the
boot summary and make sure your pc detects it before it
begins to load windows.


Thanks for the reply. The new hard drive is identified
correctly in the bios setup. And it also shows up in the
hardware profile when I look at that under "System" in the
control panel (and the hardware manager claims "this
device is working correctly). But it doesn't show up
anywhere (that I've found) in "My Computer" and so I
haven't been able to find it so I can format it. Where do



Ken Forrest

I too had this problem and booted using a Win95 Startup disk and FDISKed
from there. Then Win2000 recognised the Hard Drive and allowed me to format

I know this is a fudge, but it worked for me.

Next question - I wanted to use this new drive to replace the original hard
disk but I can't copy some of the original files - especially *.dat files
such as USRCLASS.DAT, Ntuser.dat and something called DRM, because of a
"Sharing Violation".
Does anyone know how to copy these files to another Hard Drive please?



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