? Adding a second (PCI) video card for extra monitor



I have a nice homebuilt Athlon 1.7 gig machine with an ATI 8500 AIW video

I have an extra 17" monitor that I'd like to setup to increase my desktop
real estate.

Can I add another basic PCI based video card to run the extra monitor? If
so, are there any recommendations? I'm assuming another ATI card would have
less conflicts.

Thanks for any help. I'm hoping to be under $100. USA with any additions.

Best to all,


Shouldn't be any problem at all ... assuming you're running Windows '98 or

'98 may have some conflicting driver problems ('98 was the first to do it
.... and as with most firsts it had some troubles.) ... but I know that WinXP
handles this setup quite well.

Using a card from the same manufacturer shouldn't be a problem so long as it
doesn't share the same exact chipset ... this could lead to driver troubles.

All you should need is a PCI video adapter ... a decent one can be had for
under $100.

You might want to look around on the net a bit for any known conflicts when
running a setup like this, but I wouldn't imagine you'd see too much outside
of some isolated incidents.


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