Adding a line to a bar chart



I am using Excell 2003.
I have a chart with 4 years of Sales $$ information in a vertical bar chart.
Now I have to add a Goal line to the chart for the current year's information.
I changed the chart to a "custom line - column plotted on 1 axis". But the
graph turned into 3 columns and 2 lines. The the $$ infor for the current
year and turned from a bar into a line. How do I change this line back into
a bar? Can anyone help me. I am on a tight schedule to complete a series of
these types of changes today.




Jon Peltier

This is a combination chart, and believe me, once you know how to make your
own, you'll never use the clumsy built-in ones.

Create your chart with all columns. Then select the series you want to
change, go to Chart menu > Chart Type, and choose a line style that you
like. Ta-Daa!

Another option if you're not too rushed is one of these techniques to add a
line across the whole chart:

- Jon

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